We have been on the Shop Local WBF scheme since its inception.  We are more than happy to accept cards at the Fleetwood Beach Kiosk and have witnessed the scheme becoming more popular as time has progressed.  Who can say “No” to increased trade?  Paul runs it very professionally and his keen eye to detail can only be good for not only local businesses but the people who pay our wages – the customers.  We are happy to promote the scheme too and can only see it going from strength to strength.  I am very pleased and proud that my business is part of Shop Local Scheme WBF.

Craig McOmish – Fleetwood Beach Kiosk


Myself and Quay Cuts Barbers have been a proud supporter and member of the Shop Local Scheme – WBF since the very start back in October 2014.  A quick conversation in Paul’s shop got things moving and then Paul’s energy and commitment has taken the scheme from strength to strength.  I conservatively estimate that we have 80 more regular clients as a direct result from this scheme, however this is steadily increasing every month.  For us its a no brainer, why wouldn’t you want to get people shopping locally again? Many thanks to Paul and the scheme, we will do all we can to spread the word!

Theo – Quay Cuts Barbers of Fleetwood


New businesses take some real effort to get off the ground and after moving my shop to Fleetwood last year I found it difficult without extensive advertising.  The Shop Local scheme was a no brainer for me, I joined as the benefits were obvious.  Local shops joining the scheme tell their customers about the scheme, customers get a free Shop Local card and then use it and other shops in the scheme and it snowballs from there. I have seen an increase in customers who all seem thrilled that they can get discounts in over 70 shops. It can only be a positive move for small businesses!

Jacqueline Holden – Topstitch of Fleetwood


Since joining up we are very pleased with the responses that we have received.  The 10% discount we are offering is certainty helping to encourage new customers and is helping us to show loyalty to our already existing customers.  Paul has and is working very hard to develop the scheme and every effort should be made to support his efforts.

Robert Wilcox – Stationery 4 Less